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Inspired by the work culture of Mother Teresa, Smt. Krishna Kumar always believes that Service to the disabled is the Service to God. With the two handicapped daughters of her own, she is sensitized to the need of the handicapped.  She initiated a project Sonal Smriti -  Center for Special children  at Greenfield Colony, Faridabad (Haryana) exclusively from her own resources to cater the needs of the children from Faridabad, Haryana. The project is designed to evolve certain specific programmes to make the persons with disability self sufficient, expressive, confident and more academically wherever possible. Facilities like special education, physio therapy,  occupational therapy, speech therapy, behaviour modifications, counseling to the children and the parents, medical services etc. are made  available to the children with disability

Her motivation and passion in the field of disability rights does not limit itself to work with mentally or physically disabled persons. She acts as a crucial team member responsible for developing and promoting all the areas that require immediate attention.

She along with her husband Mr. Sushil Kumar have been  the source and inspiration behind many other excellent organisations working for the persons with disability. They were  instrumental in opening a center  for disabled children — Udaan (flight). The center  which had their two daughters in the beginning is having 52 special children today. She is a trustee-member of Udaan , Foundation for Spastic and Mentally Handicapped Persons.     Mrs. Kumar was also associated with the various activities of AADI formerly known as Spastics Society of Northern India and supported the development of Roshni – a project sponsored by Rama Krishna Ashram in Gwalior. 

Mrs. Krishna Kumar was nominated for the 1000 Women for the Noble Peace Prize 2005 for her work for the children with mental disabilities . Her name was officially handed to the Nobel Prize Committee in Oslo. As an Hon’ble member of  South Asian Human Rights (SAHR), she represents  for the right of the persons with disability. 

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To run a Day care center for the special children
  • To ensure care and welfare of these special children
  • To develop skills for daily living activities for a smoother life
  • To sensitize the parents and guardians of the children with disability through counseling and related inputs
  • To hold and organize seminars, discussions, lectures, talks, fairs for the benefit of children with phy`sical and mental disability.
  • To undertake projects and programmes for the welfare of the children with disability for the feasible improvement in their lives.

Our Services

SonalSmritiCenter offers unique services in education, therapy needs and communication skills to physically and mentally challenged children / persons inflicted with cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism and multiple disability. The center provides early intervention services to young children to facilitate school readiness in them. The programs of the Center focus on:  

  • Day care management  
  • Therapy and Educational needs
  • Skill development for smooth daily living
  • Counseling for better child care
  • Parents’ training for Home management
  • Inclusive Education 

Recently we have started special session on Autism between 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM under the expert’s supervision and guidance of a very senior teacher working for Autistic Children.


  1. Gardening : Children learn about the concept of gardening by asking them to sow the seeds in pots and watering them
  2. Clay activity / Sand Play : It helps to understand the concept of making different shapes. It also helps them in eye – hand coordination as well as strengthening of the hand muscles
  3. Water / Pool Activity : This helps in understanding the concept of transferring water from one object to another of different shapes and size. This makes them to learn how the water can take any shape.
  4. Blowing with candle, paper, straw, bubbles, thermocol balls etc : helps in strengthening the respiratory muscles and understands the concept of blowing.
  5. Dance & Music : The children learn the concept of synchronization
  6. Story telling :  The children learn the concept of sequences and the morale of the stories through the printed cards etc.
  7. Rhymes with actions : To follow the instructions through imitations
  8. Kitchen activities : Learn the concept of cooking etc.
  9. Shopping : The children learn the concept of buying and selling

Our Staff

The center has well qualified staff and experienced team consisting of Special Educators, Occupational / Physiotherapists, Speech therapists, Social workers, Care Givers. Special faculty from AADI (formerly known as Spastics Society of Northern India), Sneh kunj-Home for Spastics (under the aegis of HCPA), Udaan etc. visit the center regularly. 

  1. Physiotherapist
  2. Developmental Therapist
  3. Special Educator
  4. Special Educator
  5. Speech Therapist
  6. Specialist For Children With Autism

Our Credentials

  • Founder member of Sonal Smriti – Center for Special Children Mrs. Krishna Kumar was nominated for the 1000 Women for the Noble Peace Prize 2005 for her work for the children with mental disabilities . She is  an Hon’ble member of  South Asian Human Rights (SAHR) and  represents  for the right of the persons with disability.
  • Sonal Smriti Charitable Trust is registered under Public Charitable Trust
  • Sonal Smriti Charitable Trust has been granted registration U/S 12A r.w.s. 12AA w.e.f. A.Y. 2010- 2011.
  • Permission to the Trust is  granted for accepting the Donations  U/S 80G of the Income Tax  Act, 1961 vide order no. DIT(E)2010-2011/S6217/31 dated 08/4/11 for the period A.Y. 2010-11 onwards.
  • Donations qualify exemption in Income Tax
  • The differently abled children from the center have been encouraged to join the normal schools